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property management costs in france

We work for our clients on an hourly basis, structuring costs to ensure that clients always receive value for money, whether we are cleaning their house or smoothing the path of French bureaucracy. Some sample costs are shown on the right of this page, and we are always happy to discuss the ‘average’ likely costs involved in a particular project, whether the task is large or small.

costs and invoicing – an overview

timesheetsWe work closely with our clients, planning and prioritising their requirements. Routine work is completed and invoiced on a monthly basis, with detailed timesheets kept for their information. We email regular updates of progress, together with photographs when appropriate. We are always conscious that clients are buying ‘peace of mind’ from us, and we know that starts with making sure they are kept informed.

More details of costs, together with a specific quote, can be obtained by contacting us. Please use the email form on the contact page, or telephone your nearest LBV associate for a chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use price bands instead of a fixed price?

Every job or task is different. The exact charge will depend on the level of difficulty involved. For example, it is much more complex trying to negotiate with a local artisan, using technical language, than it is to query a meter reading with EDF. We will communicate with you at all times, so there are no cost surprises at the end of the month. Precise charges are negotiated between the LBV associate(s) servicing your property and you, their client.

Will I be charged for anything else?

Your first invoice will include a charge for getting two copies of your keys cut (we recommend three sets in total). If you prefer, you can provide them; otherwise we will get that done for you.

How much will I be charged if you do less than an hour’s work?

Clients are charged per 1/4 hour (e.g. emails and telephone calls often fall into this time band).

Who pays if I ask you to undertake work, for which materials will be required?

If you have not already provided the materials, then we will ask you to pay us in advance for them and we will then buy them on your behalf.

When and how do I pay?

Clients receive an emailed invoice at the end of each month. We ask that payment is made to us via a bank transfer, PayPal or a Euro cheque by return of post. These payments are essentially part of our monthly salary, so we ask for your co-operation in ensuring our invoices are paid promptly. A quotation of current charges can be requested at any time.

On your next visit to France you will be given a paper copy of your invoice(s), and any receipts for purchases made on your behalf.

For more information and assistance call Bureau Central on +33 (0)5 62 29 26 62.

indicative costs


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