chimney sweeping

LBV is pleased to have fully registered and insured chimney sweeps working under the LBV umbrella. Covering an entire département each, the initiative has started in Central Brittany with Finistère covered by Merv Davey, and Côtes-d'Armor by Peter Duggan:  in the far north, LBV Ramonage has Gordon Veitch in Nord-pas-de-Calais offering professional chimney sweeping services in that region.

Chimney sweeping in France is very often undertaken by local roofers, a low-priority job they usually fit in as and when they have time between more lucrative roofing contracts.

chimney sweepingThis lack of a reliable service can be frustrating, especially for LBV clients who need to have their chimney(s) swept annually to obtain a certificate from a properly qualified artisan to prove the work has been done. Without it, their fire insurance may be invalidated.

Our certified chimney sweeps not only guarantee you a clean sweep but are available on a regular basis!

LBV chimney sweeps are fully French-registered and insured, so you can relax, knowing that you have fulfilled your legal requirements and can provide your insurance company with a certificat de ramonage when required.

Current French regulations state that a professional chimney sweep must be used for the annual chimney sweep, and that he/she must supply a certificat de ramonage on completion of the work.


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