property management in aquitaine, lot-et-garonne east - lot west

Meet Cat and Tom Easdown, LBV property managers based in Lot-et-Garonne East. As members of the LBV property management network they offer various services to their clients, including:


Regular security checks

Property and gite management and maintenance

Garden maintenance

Simple repairs and DIY assistance

Project management

Gite changeovers

Assistance with Utilities

Organising local artisans

Help with French administration

Costs for these are charged in line with regional norms and accurate prices relevant to your requirements can be obtained directly from them, as can details of the additional services they provide.

Cat (real name Catherine but always known as Cat!) was born and grew up in Berkshire in the UK, before moving to Oxford for University where she met Tom. Post university she worked in the field of HR for many years latterly as HR Director for a well-known national builders merchants, before relocating to France. She has excellent organisation skills as well as being used to problem solving whilst working with people both face to face and remotely. In her spare time she is also a keen gardener.

Tom was born in Kent but spent most of his youth in Cheshire before moving to Oxford to study, meeting Cat and qualifying as an Architect in the process. As a consequence of his profession, there isn't much Tom doesn't know about buildings and the building industry, and he is also extremely practical when it comes to DIY. Having his own Architectural practice he is excellent at networking and building fruitful working relationships.

Spending time in France as a child and being a keen linguist, Cat introduced Tom to the country she loves via numerous holidays and the pair had been dreaming about making the move to France for a number of years before starting to talk to the management team at Les Bons Voisins initially in 2016. The opportunity to be involved in property management for absentee owners in France under the well-known and respected LBV Brand proved too much to resist: whilst at the same time Tom forged a connection with French Plans, which has turned into a business partnership thus marrying up their skills and experience and allowing them to fulfil that dream. Even the welcome detour of their son’s arrival in 2017 did not delay them, and the family are now settled in France and on hand to assist clients in their area and for French Plans, across the country working with Arthur Cutler.




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